[Originally posted on Facebook, September 27, 2018 (the height of the Kavanaugh hearings)]

I am a nice, white, cisgender, privileged lady who has received messages my whole life about how Black people, brown and Indigenous folks, immigrants, poor people, uneducated people are to be feared, because somehow they are coming after my white womanhood and my safety.

But let me just tell the truth for a minute.

I have always known that the most dangerous segment of the population–even to people like me–is white, privileged men.


I knew it when, in second grade, a group of white boys in my class started spreading rumors about how they were going to “do it to the girls” when we went on an overnight school field trip.

I knew it when white boys were allowed to push, pinch, point at, insult, talk about the bodies of me and my female classmates with total impunity in every elementary school classroom and playground I was in.

I knew it when the white boys–turning into men–at the elite military academy that was the “brother school” of my all-girls school in the suburbs were pressuring my classmates into having sex, drinking and doing drugs, rolling up our uniform skirts to be a little bit sexier for their consumption… and sometimes (although nobody ever really talked about it out loud) straight up sexually assaulting my peers at parties, after dances, in cars, on dates.

I knew it walking the streets and on campus and in the dorms and past the Final Clubs at Harvard University–the original boys club–when young white men were supported by both social norms and the goddamn institution to create spaces specifically intended to allow the next generation of the ruling elite to demean, assault, coerce women into sex for no reason other than it was a sign of their growing power and an absolute entitlement because of their social location and privilege.

For every public debate about a Kavanaugh, there have been thousands of private tragedies and traumas because somehow, the myth in America is that white men are here to keep us safe and protect white women and our country.

I call bullshit.

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